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AYLA: The Passion-Driven Brand Dedicated to Promoting Pet Well-Being

AYLA treats were created with our Irish setter Ayla in mind.

Unfortunately, Ayla had serious health problems from puppy age, so she required a specialized diet, as well as a selection of high-quality products.

Out of concern for the health and life of our canine friend, we created a unique formula of selected, high-protein freeze-dried treats for dogs and cats. Ayla is an ambassador of her brand, as after many necessary hospitalizations, it was thanks to our treats that she returned to form. "Pure" high-protein meat allowed her to recover quickly without straining her digestive system.

Admittedly, AYLA treats started with a certain special setter, but I hope they will help, make happy, entertain, motivate and kill boredom for many pets, creating new stories of their lives, struggle with illness and contentment, as well as a state of complete happiness. 

We are excited to introduce our young brand and our commitment to providing
high-quality products for dogs and cats worldwide. Our brand is driven by a passion for pets and a dedication to promoting their well-being through our products.

AYLA is a brand created out of love for dogs that loves cats!

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