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AYLA treats were created with the welfare of our Irish Setter, Ayla, in mind, as she had serious health issues from a young age.

AYLA is committed to advancing the welfare of dogs and cats worldwide through high-quality products and a passion for pets.

AYLA is a brand created out of love for dogs that loves cats!

Discover the captivating tale of our brand.

AYLA... The best treats in the world?

We are extremely proud and confident when we create treats for dogs and cats, because we know that our products are not only delicious, but also healthy and nutritious. We always prioritize the quality of ingredients to provide animals with the best possible diet.

Check out why we are full of pride and confidence that our treats are the best choice, and our products will remain their favorite snacks for many years to come.


Three product lines created with great care for quality and taste. Our products are intended for four-legged friends and have been developed to provide them with the best taste experiences and nutritious meals.

Check out out three product lines and know more about our production.


We are excited to expand our reach to European countries and are actively seeking international cooperation opportunities. Our goal is to establish strong partnerships with companies who share our passion for promoting the well-being of pets through high-quality products.

Why it is great to cooperate with us?


Our pet products are designed with the needs and preferences of our furry friends in mind. We use high-quality, natural ingredients that appeal to their senses and provide them with the nutrition they need to thrive.

Check why pets love us so much!

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